Opportunities on the territory

Land rich in history, art, cultural traditions, craftsmanship, excellent wines and food and culinary delicacy

Going down the Monferrato you will discover a surprising region which surely fascinate you

Monferrato is a territory where nature reigns: vast expanses of hills, lush vineyards from which we get excellent wines, many hundred-year woods, ancient villages and beautiful castles of historical and cultural importance (it is the region with the most castles in Italy)

It is a territory that, perhaps only now, we rediscover its value: The Sagittario di Ponzano pays particular attention to it and proposes initiatives to promote and value it.

Ponzano with the fraction Salabue and the Sacred Mount of Crea

Ponzano and its fraction Salabue already offer the beauty of their castles. In close proximity we find the Sacred Mount of Crea, UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated on one of the highest hills of the lower Monferrato with its Sanctuary. The Shrine of Roman origin, refers to the life of Sant'Eusebio, who seems to have brought with him from the East three statues of the Black Madonna, leaving one in Oropa, the second one in Sardinia and the third one right here in Crea  to escape the Arians persecution.

The Shrine was then reconsidered and dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary, towards the end of the 500. The sacred mount of Crea consists of 23 chapels, centered on different stages of the life of the Virgin, recalling her life and leading the pilgrims upwards on a path that culminates in the chapel of the Coronation of Mary, better known as Chapel of Paradise stands at the highest point of the hill, at 450 metres above sea level.

Moncalvo and its traditions:

the Truffle Fair, the Bue Grasso Fairs and jazz festival

Three kilometers south of the Sagittario di Ponzano lies Moncalvo, the smallest city in Italy. The ancient Aleramic city, despite its small dimensions, offers its guests the beauty of its monuments, including the nineteenth-century municipal theater, the Church of St. Antonio Abate of 1623, inside which you can admire some valuable works of art by Guglielmo Caccia. During the year, the town hosts various traditional events, including the Truffle Fair, the Bue Grasso Fair, food and wine festivals, and jazz festival.

Casale, the historic capital of Monferrato, and Asti with its historic Palio

In Casale Monferrato there are some of the most beautiful noble palaces of the Piedmontese Baroque, a Synagogue and the ancient Jewish art museum unique in Europe, the Romanesque Cathedral, the ancient convent of Santa Croce with the Civic Museum divided in two sections:  the Pinacoteca that exposes a precious series of paintings, and the Gipsoteca Leonardo Bistolfi , and also the Castle of Monferrato.


Asti: Capital and heart of the province, Asti is with its 77.000 inhabitants a city on a human scale. The town has maintained the medieval urban structure.

Asti is famous all over the world for its wines, in particular Asti Spumante. In fact every year The Douja d'Or, the National Exhibition of Selected Wines takes place in the town from the 2nd to the 3rd weekend of September. 

Also every year, on the third Sunday of September, Asti celebrates its medieval splendor with the Palio, the oldest in Italy (1275). The exciting bareback horse race.


Food and Wine: a trip into the world of good taste

Flavors and aromas of this land will remain in your memory forever. Piedmont is synonymous with good wine and good food.

Not to be missed the tour of the infernot: the Monferrato of the Infernot is part of the Site "Piedmont Wine Landscapes: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato", UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

Sport: cycling, hiking and golf

Monferrato is the land of cycling tourism: there are many itineraries to follow, being in touch with nature and discovering the main tourist destinations in the territory.

In the area they organize wonderful strolls on foot, by bicycle or on horseback,, during that time you can admire churches and "ciabòt" immersed in the rows of wines: places give people a sense of peace.

For the golf buffs, there are a abundant supply of golf courses, among others, the Golf & Relais Feudo di Asti, the Golf Club Monferrato and the Margara Golf Club


To conclude

A unique, rare and precious landscape, where it is possible to be in contact with nature, to be in front of romantic and splendid horizons, discover the traditions, that genuine and simple way of life for a different concept of vacation and free time.